sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016

Wishing Upon The Stars

I was used to a New Year's Eve brightened by fireworks and this time it was so much different. There were no crowds gathering and pushing, no loud drunks spilling alcohol everywhere, no live music at a plaza, no traffic, no amazement at the sheer amount of money being exploded above my head into tiny specs of glowing dust and awful smell. There was also no amount of time being really amazed at the work of art being splashed on the air, coloring the sky and bringing a strange sense of hope that there would be no place for darkness next year. 

This time, it was quiet, on a backyard. Some fireworks went off nearby, but it was mostly the stars shining above me. I didn't have champagne, but I did have a glass of red wine. I didn't have most of my loved ones with me, but I did feel them, almost on the other side of the world, getting ready for midnight. I was five and a half hours ahead, but I felt like time had stopped when I crossed from the old year to the new one.

It was quiet and dark, but I could see the stars like never before, because it seems like here I can see better and feel better and wish better. So I wished upon the stars to bring all of this with me when I go back.


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